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April 2022 Open Workshops

Matthew Sablan / March 11, 2022

April 2022 Open Workshops

DAU workshops allow the workforce to quickly learn about a specific subject and leave with actionable products and information. While normally presented in intact-team formats, it's not always possible to get everyone together even if a program could benefit from the information and tools provided. Our Open Workshops bridge that gap by offering individuals from different programs and organizations a chance to come together as a team and undergo a DAU workshop while networking with like-minded peers–plus, attendees walk away with actionable skills that they can apply directly to their programs.

The workshops are virtual and attendance is limited, so register early!

Registration is now open for workshops in April.

Software Acquisition

WSA 001 DEVSECOPS for the DoD: Fundamentals
Provides an overview of DevSecOps in the DoD and defines how DevSecOps can be incorporated in the Department of Defense.

  • Apr. 5-7; Register by Mar. 31 ► Register

WSA 002 DEVSECOPS for the DoD: Security Focus Workshops

Provides insight into industry through hands-on DevSecOps pipeline demonstrations.

  • Mar. 22-23; Register by Mar. 17 ► Register

WSA 004 Cloud Services Workshop
An in-depth exploration of cloud services and information to manage and migrate organizations to cloud environments.

  • Mar. 29-Mar. 31; Register by Mar. 24 ► Register
  • Apr. 19-Apr. 21; Register by Apr 14 ► Register


WSB 017 Planning, Programming, Budgeting, & Execution (PPBE) and Budget

Addresses how DoD allocates resources via the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process. It also addresses Budget Exhibits as part of the PPBE process.

  • Apr. 19-Apr. 21; Register by Apr 14 ► Register


WSL 003 Reliability and Maintainability for Logisticians

Presents an overview of acquisition reliability and maintainability policy and its application to logistics support.

  • Apr. 19- 21; Register by Apr 14 ► Register

Acquisition and Management

WSM 014 Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop (ASDW)

Walks the team through the key content areas of the acquisition strategy. For more complex, large dollar value, or high interest acquisitions, the ASDW could also be conducted as a multi-phase consulting engagement over the course of the initial strategy and updates preceding major milestones and contracting actions.

  • Apr. 25- 29; Register by Apr 20 ► Register

WSM 022 Intellectual Property/Data Rights (IPDR) Workshop For FAR-Based Contracts

Introduces the fundamental aspects of intellectual property and data rights inherent in U.S. Government contracts, along with the considerations for developing an IPDR Strategy.

  • Apr. 26; Register by Apr 21 ► Register


WSS 007 Cyber Table Top Workshop

Introduces and applies the Cyber Table Top (CTT) mission-based cyber risk assessment (MBCRA) method to help discover cyber vulnerabilities, gauge their risk, propose mitigations and inform other competencies, documents and events across the DoD acquisition lifecycle. The workshop will establish an understanding of the threat and “thinking like a Hacker.”

  • Apr. 26-27; Register by Apr. 19 ► Register

WSS 010 Cyber Training Range Workshop

Provides hands on laboratory exploration of adversarial cyber threats to DOD networks and weapon systems. Students will learn and execute (in the lab environment) basic offensive cyber techniques, develop system requirements to defeat the threats, implement countermeasures and assess countermeasures effectiveness.

  • Mar. 22-24; Register by Mar. 15 ► Register
  • Apr. 12-14; Register by Apr. 5 ► Register
  • Apr. 19-21; Register by Apr. 12 ► Register