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October 2020 DAU eNewsletter bundle - dau news banner.png



DAU: A Platform for Knowledge A Platform for Knowledgestring;#/News/DAU--A-Platform-for-Knowledge
Faster is possible: DoD Publishes New Software Acquisition Policy is possible: DoD Publishes New Software Acquisition Policystring;#/News/Faster-is-possible--DoD-Publishes-New-Software-Acquisition-Policy
DAU Releases Three New Credentials Releases Three New Credentialsstring;#/News/DAU-Releases-Three-New-Credentials
October 2020 DAU eNewsletter 2020 DAU eNewsletterstring;#/News/October-2020-DAU-eNewsletter
Earn Badges for ACE-ing DAU Courses Badges for ACE-ing DAU Coursesstring;#/News/Earn-Badges-for-ACE-ing-DAU-Courses
Find Us On Credential Engine Us On Credential Enginestring;#/News/Find-Us-On-Credential-Engine