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Section 809 Panel Recommends Reforming Defense Acquisition with Updated Structures, Simplified Procedures and an Empowered Workforce 809 Panel Meeting Announcement_20180117.jpg



Listen In On Contracting Conversations In On Contracting Conversationsstring;#/News/Listen-In-On-Contracting-Conversations
Public-Private Talent Exchange Takeaways on Leadership and Technology Talent Exchange Takeaways on Leadership and Technologystring;#/News/Public-Private-Talent-Exchange-Takeaways-on-Leadership-and-Technology
Sharing Mentoring Moments at DAU Mentoring Moments at DAUstring;#/News/Sharing-Mentoring-Moments-at-DAU
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Creating Opportunities Using Blended Learning Opportunities Using Blended Learningstring;#/News/Creating-Opportunities-Using-Blended-Learning

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