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  2. US Army Logistics Data Analysis Center Tool Suite

US Army Logistics Data Analysis Center Tool Suite

US Army Logistics Data Analysis Center Tool Suite 


Imagine a round icon with PowerLogJ 2 text

Designed to assist government agencies and their contractors in developing, loading and integrating their supportability analysis databases



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Systems Planning and Requirements Software (SYSPARS)                         
A tri-service document generation assistant designed for program management personnel and product support mangers responsible for system acquisition planning and execution.



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Computerized Optimization Model for Predicting and Analyzing Support Structure (COMPASS)                
Army's Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) software, COMPASS provides product support decision makers a tool identifying the best possible balance of cost and availability by simultaneously optimizing both the maintenance concept and supply support of a system.



Imagine a round icon with CASA text

Cost Analysis Strategy Assessment (CASA)                
A Life Cycle Cost (LCC)/Total Ownership Cost (TOC) decision support tool, CASA covers the life of a system, from initial research costs to yearly maintenance, spares, training costs, and other expenses.



Imagine a round icon with a puzzle piece with LPDS text

Logistics Product Data Store (LPDS)                
Army's central repository for Logistics Product Data (LPD), storing, viewing, and analyzing of the Integrated Product Support (IPS) data required to support systems throughout system Life Cycle.



Imagine a round icon with PSCC text with a shield behind text

Packaging, Storage and Containerization Center (PSCC)                        
Provides worldwide technical and specialized staff assistance in the fields of packaging, storage, hazardous materials, automatic identification technology, distribution facilities modernization, international and domestic standardization, and packaging application testing



Imagine a round icon with ETMs text

Electronic Technical Manuals Online (ETMs Online)                
Contains over 12,500 individual ETMs online. The ETMs web page contains a list of all CD-ROMS containing ETMs as well as when updates are scheduled for release.




Imagine a round icon with JDocshell text

Java Document Generating Shell (JDOCSHELL)                         
A unique software package providing the ability to write your own expert system document authoring applications using an easy-to-use, graphical Knowledge Base Development Environment.