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Acquisition Information Repository (AIR)


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Description.  AIR stores approved acquisition documents in a centralized searchable repository.  AIR makes acquisition information accessible to senior executives, OSD analysts, Component staffs, program management offices and other acquisition personnel.  Currently, AIR supports over 110 active acquisition document types, as well as over 50 historical document types, making it a great resource for PMOs or analysts searching for approved examples of a specific acquisition document.

Program Types Supported.

  • As of 2022, AIR is enabled to upload, store, and view acquisition program documentation for all six AAF pathways.
  • AIR is also the authoritative repository for historical Selected Acquisition Reports and MAIS Annual Reports in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Location.  AIR is accessible via the Defense Acquisition Visibility Environment (DAVE) portal at:  https://dave.acq.osd.mil/capabilities.  Note, DAVE will require an account registration. 

Help and Support.  AIR User Guides (registration assistance, search and upload guides, program watch lists) and other resources are available at:  https://dave.acq.osd.mil/help/acquisition_information_repository_help