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Software Acquisition Pathway (SWP)


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Software Acquisition Pathway (SWP)



Conduct an analysis of alternatives

​Acquisition Strategy (Business Strategy section)

Conduct an economic analysis that includes a calculation of the return on investment; or for non-AIS programs, conduct a life-cycle cost estimate.

​Component Cost Estimate, Component Cost Position

Determination that the acquisition supports core, priority functions of the DoD.

​Capability Needs Statement (Capabilities section)

Determine that no private sector or government source can better support the function

​Acquisition Strategy

Develop clearly established measures and accountability for program progress.

​Acquisition Strategy (Program Metrics, Value Assessment)

Ensure that the acquisition is consistent with the DoD Information Enterprise policies and architecture, to include relevant standards.

System Architecture

Ensure that the program has a Cybersecurity Strategy that is consistent with DoD policies, standards and architectures, to include relevant standards.

​Cybersecurity Strategy

Ensure, to the maximum extent practicable, (1) modular contracting has been used, and (2) the program is being implemented in phased, successive increments, each of which meets part of the mission need and delivers measurable benefit, independent of....

​Acquisition Strategy (Contracting Strategy section)

Establish outcome-based performance measures linked to strategic goals

​Capability Needs Statement (Performance Attributes section)

Redesign the processes that the system supports to reduce costs, improve effectiveness and maximize the use of commercial off-the-shelf technology

​Capability Needs Statement (Program Summary section)

Register Mission-Critical and Mission-Essential systems with the DoD CIO.

​DoD Information Technology Portfolio Repository

Table Notes:

Under certain scenarios, some statutory information may be required; e.g.:

·       Benefit Analysis and Determination (Part of ACQ Strat)

·       Consideration of Technology Issues (Part of ACQ Strat)

·       Contract-type Determination (Part of ACQ Strat)

·       Cooperative Opportunities (Part of ACQ Strat)

·       Cybersecurity Strategy (required by 5000.87 regardless)

·       DOT&E Report on Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E)

·       Independent Cost Estimate (required by 5000.87 regardless)

·       IP Strategy (Part of ACQ Strat)

·       Market Research (Part of ACQ Strat)

·       Operational Test Plan (OTP)

Other potential scenarios involving international partners, dual pathway, hybrid acquisition of a business system (.75 + .87 use) offer another layer of complexity that will have to be explored by the program and service level OGC.

Summary.  Acquisition Enablers (AE) is creating a collaborative, cross-service alliance to ensure the Department moves out smartly with DoD-wide .75, .80, and .87 adoptions.  The Department will move with greater speed and innovation while pulling together as a team. The Department's approach will focus on bringing the Services and Agencies together in a deliberate way to co-develop and solve the problems and immediately push out lessons learned. 

In order to navigate the identified information requirements pain points, the AE team is publishing supporting guidance on the AAF website. The AE team will continuously add what is required (by statute and regulation), how to navigate a pathway and multi-pathway adoption, and other resources and training to effectively deliver capability at the speed of relevance.