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Adaptive Acquisition Framework Document Identification (AAFDID)


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Background.  The Adaptive Acquisition Framework Document Identification Tool (AAFDID) is designed to support application of the AAF pathway policies and facilitate implementation of the "tailoring in" concept.  It replaces the Milestone Document Identification Tool in that it is applicable to all of the pathways vice the single pathway (MCA) captured by the MDID.  The AAFDID MCA requirements are the same as those previously identified in the MDID and will follow the policy specified in Appendix 3B of DoDI 5000.85.

In this context "tailoring in" means that the PM will identify and recommend for MDA/DA approval, the regulatory information that will be employed to document program plans and how that information will be formatted and provided for review by the decision authority.

Statutory requirements will be assessed for applicability and, when applicable, will not be waived unless the statute permits.

In short, the AAFDID is intended to empower program managers and simplify policy by supporting the thoughtful selection of information requirements that inform effective program management vice simply following a "one size fits all" approach.

AAFDID information content will be updated consistent with changes to one or more of the 6 AAF pathway policies.  Changes designed to improve utility and/or functionality will be applied when feasible and consistent with community feedback.  Substantive changes to MCA table content not required by law must be formally coordinated in accordance with the procedures in DoDI 5025.01.


Applicability. The Adaptive Acquisition Framework Document Identification (AAFDID)  tool is designed to assist program office staff in the selection ("tailoring in") of the information needed to inform management of their program.  Regulatory and statutory information will vary by program and by pathway. Regulatory Information will be "tailored in" when, in the view of the PM and decision authority, it facilitates effective program management. Statute, when applicable, will be followed.


Principles based approach. What follows is a tool to guide PM and PEOs on expectations for tailoring-in processes and information-needs/documents for the AAF Pathways based on the characteristics of the capability being acquired (including complexity, risk, and urgency).