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AAFDID Updates to Title 10 Sources


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Background.  The FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act changed the section numbers of many Title 10 sections affecting the Defense Acquisition System.  Workforce members can view the full listing of statutory changes via the OSD A&S Title 10 Reorganization Crosswalk or navigate directly to the United States Code (House.gov) site for more details.

Summary of AAFDID Changes.  This latest AAFDID update amends table content in accordance with current Congressional and Department of Defense direction.  

Implementation and Use.  As indicated, AAFDID tables have been updated to include the new Title 10 Section Number and Title.  All impacted table entries will retain reference to the old code number during the initial transition. Implementation of these changes is depicted in the figures below.


Figure 1.  Previous Information Requirement 




Figure 2.  Updated Information Requirement