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Urgent Capability Acquisition (UCA)


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DoDI 5000.81 Overview.  Please refer to DoDI 5000.81 for full policy regarding use of the UCA Pathway.

The purpose of the following tables is to describe the information typically required to support Urgent Needs Programs managed in accordance with the procedures in DoDI 5000.81.

In accordance with those procedures, the PM will develop a draft acquisition strategy and an abbreviated program baseline for each course of action. The strategy and baseline will be based on readily available information. In the context of DoDI 5000.81 and consistent with the tailoring-in approach, the documentation requirement is for the minimal information necessary to define and execute the program and obtain the approval of the decision authority.

(a) The documentation may take any appropriate, written form, will typically be coordinated only with directly affected stakeholders, and will evolve in parallel with urgent capability acquisition activities as additional information becomes available as a result of those activities.

(b) Table 1 of DoDI 5000.81 includes Information Requirements Unique to the Urgent Capability Acquisition Process, and directs the acquisition strategy to comply with the identified requirements.

(c) DoDI 5000.81 also requires the acquisition strategy to comply with the information requirements applicable to ACAT II and ACAT III programs in the following DoDI 5000.85 tables:

NOTE: While the above tables were intended to identify statutory and regulatory requirements for ACAT II and III programs managed in accordance with the MCA pathway procedures, the applicability of any specific entry (i.e., row) to a UCA pathway program should be addressed in accordance with DoDI 5000.81 direction.

(d) A streamlined, highly-tailored strategy consistent with the urgency of the need will be employed. Regulatory requirements will be tailored or waived, as appropriate.

(e) The tailored acquisition strategy should be brief and contain only essential information, such as resourcing needs and sources; key deliverables; performance parameters; key risks and mitigation approaches; a production schedule; a fielding schedule; contracting methodology and key terms; and preliminary plans for performance assessment of the capability and its supportability, to include software.

(f) When designing the acquisition strategy, the PM, in collaboration with the requesting operational commander or sponsoring user community representative will determine whether an operational prototype is necessary to reduce operational risk and, if so, include this determination and a notional assessment approach in the acquisition strategy.