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Auditing Frequency2187403/3/2017 3:41:45 AMHello, This question pertains to a service contract in Afghanistan (LOGCAP During the Risk Analysis phase of determining the Likelihood vs Consequence, I would like to know if DAU Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Auditing Utilization Government Owned Material2193117/26/2017 2:07:36 AMis published by the contractor is what the Property Administrator (PA) should be auditing If you are auditing identification of excess, you are correct to include them in the Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
FFP funded records and exemption to contract auditing2177594/8/2016 9:31:58 PMrecords exempt from contract inspection and/or auditing? 2. Are there any GAO cases that exempt by the Acquisition Regulation from contract inspection and/or auditing Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Auditing on Indirect costs for CPFF contracts2200895/17/2018 5:48:46 PMDoes an audit increase rates on past year billings What FAR/DFAR etc. sections should I look into My PWD has for the last several years contracted out a few billets (Instrumentation Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
ATTN: Dr. Douglas Goetz Auditing without representation2130726/13/2013 8:08:35 PMThe compliance group has suggested that Compliance solely complete all inventory audits without any support from any other departments They have also suggested that no other Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Auditing Contractors Under Time and Materials Contracts/Approved Accounting System2222467/29/2011 8:21:04 PMVendor stated that under a time and materials contract, unlike a cost type contract, they di dnot have to be audited by e.g. DCAA nor did they have to provide and breakdown of Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Allow-ability of Offsets and FMS Cost Allocations to USG contracts2203862/21/2019 8:29:08 PMAuditing The contractor charges offset actives such as: administrative work, proposals, and offset meetings to an indirect account, which is allocated to all USG contracts Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
WHAT is the cost threshold for DCAA proposal audits?2224538/4/2011 2:44:56 PMwhen does DCAA audit a cost proposal and what is the new instruction According to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), Procedures, Guidance Auditing Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Waiver for Prime Contractor Audit, FMS22363111/9/2011 6:46:53 PMWith the proper authority, would it be possible grant a waiver to the contractor If so, do you have any additional information concerning audit waivers Auditing Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Test 1 on 652217814/11/2019 11:24:21 AMAuditing Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse