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Current Year Execution 2206952/27/2021 1:54:48 AMFinancial Management Can we tack a surcharge onto a nearly completed work order (unobligated Activities recoup the costs of conducting business by charging customers a rate that Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Is there a process similiar to an AOA for Department of Defense (DOD) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Risk Management 2200362/27/2021 1:49:36 AMsolutions for any of the Navy’s long-standing financial and business management problems known requirements and the program could change their business rules to match the COTS ERP Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
RDT&E Funding for Defense Business Systems2402110/25/2021 2:36:55 PMAs a Financial Management SME, I can only answer the issue on the RDT&E funding that As per the Financial Management Regulation (FMR) 7000.14-R Volume 2A Chapter 1 Paragraph Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
DPAS support and resources2206852/27/2021 1:35:44 AMC3.2.1.1. Items that C3. Use the equipment primarily for administrative or business purposes, such as financial management, insurance programs, commissary or base exchange Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
PSC vs. OCC vs. NAICS111515/2/2022 11:25:11 AMWhat is the relationship between PSC as established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the cross-agency Category Management Leadership Council (CMLC), group together Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Cost Estimating2204072/27/2021 1:58:04 AMI feel the key is in the non-financial criteria your alternatives against both the financial and non-financial criteria is the crux of performing a best Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
May Government Purchase Card be Used for Express Mail such as FedEx services2209112/26/2021 9:36:22 PM1. The DoD Financial Management Regulation (FMR) Volume 10, Chapter 16, Paragraph 160703 will not support the electronic processes or business reasons preclude the use of these Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
What program type should be employed for Human Capital capability acquisition?2207192/27/2021 1:49:14 AMProgram Management email from Dana Steward, a Professor of Financial Management from our Business, Cost, and Financial here at DAU – Huntsville providing some Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Under what circumstances should a Contracting Officer consider stopping, suspending or removing Progress Payments?2206182/26/2021 7:49:04 PMpayments) is endangered by the contractor’s financial condition, or by a failure to make in the ordinary course of business, the contracting officer shall evaluate whether the Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
G & A applied to Travel Expense2193822/26/2021 7:25:16 PMNote: It is not a fixed expense which is incurred by or allocated to a business unit and which is for the general management and administration of the business unit as a whole Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse

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