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Price change for a FFP contract, no EPA3179752/21/2022 2:01:34 PMContracting Can we change a FFP contract without an EPA clause If so, what regulatory citations allow overriding FAR 16.202-1 We have a FFP contract (under FAR 12) for grocery steel Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Multiyear1334058/5/2021 7:34:58 PMContracting Is this considered a multi-year contract FFP Requirements Contract with a 5 year ordering period (-8). No Option Years Based on the limited information provided with the Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
'No cost' POP extentions on severable service contracts because of cost underruns (expired funds) 4653482/26/2021 7:13:37 PMContracting The bona fide need for adding 7 more days of performance was not realized until late DEC 2020 How can one use expired funds for the new bona fide need Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Early Exercising of Options 3846062/27/2021 1:34:19 AMContracting Can the USG exercise the option at their discretion Contractor was notified of the USG intent to exercise a Production option early The contractual T&C’s clearly provides Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Finding Contract Modification In Scope4893622/26/2021 6:34:37 PMContracting At what point does the dollar value of the contract mods in relation to the total estimated contract value make them out of scope We have one pending over $3.7 million Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Relief of Stewardship and Reporting LDDT146572/27/2021 1:05:17 AMContracting; Industrial and Contract Property Management Is there a limitation to the type of property and value threshold An example would be the contractor only reporting LDDT on Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Multi-Year Contracting 2203822/26/2021 7:43:15 PMpower point that DAU created titled, "Multi-Year Strategizing, Planning and Contracting Check with both the AF and Navy as they have guides on Multi-Year Contracting Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
DPAS Authority1000662/27/2021 1:04:14 AMContracting what does DoD authority under the DPAS permit Is it Federal regulations for DPAS implementation; or the use of SPA to resolve conflicts for INDUSTRIAL resources among Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Modification of Expired Task Order985098/25/2021 11:38:08 AMContracting Is a task order considered a contract If a task order PoP expires, can the order be modified to extend the PoP A task order period of performance (PoP), issued in Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Novation Agreement on an Other Transaction2207282/27/2021 1:34:57 AMContracting Can a novation agreement be done on an Other Transaction governed by 10 USC 2371b Can you use FAR 42.1204 to model a novation agreement but change the authority to 10 Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse

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