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Order of Precedence and Owner's responsibility for discrepancies in Design Build Contracts1080442/27/2021 1:04:02 AMContracting; Facilities Engineering For Design Build contracts that include NFAS 5252.236-9312 Design-Build Contract – Order of Precedence, does that section mean that the Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Test1232205342/27/2021 1:52:44 AMFacilities Engineering; Business Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Builder's Risk and Subcontractor Default Insurance2203062/27/2021 1:36:01 AMContracting; Facilities Engineering Can a Contractor include the Builder Risk and Sub-Contract Default Insurance in their proposal for modification Is there any FAR reference where Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Getting quotes in support of an IGE3515942/27/2021 1:28:03 AMFacilities Engineering I am never sure how much information is appropriate to disclose when requesting a qoute from a vendor for construction estimates I do not provide any specific Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Excess Material5457152/26/2021 6:22:42 PMContracting; Auditing; Facilities Engineering Who controls that excess material which was delivered In a construction contract, the necessary/required material needed to complete Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Production completed by prototype facilities2200602/27/2021 1:44:26 AMwould be developing mod kits or engineering change proposals (ECPs) for her program which in attendance a rep from that outside facility that can commit to the schedule the program Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Modification to a contract2204092/27/2021 1:57:54 AMCan the current contract be modified to add a new line using 3080 funds for the purchase of license & maintenance for software b. Rental charges for equipment and facilities Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Prototype Integration Facilities2200512/27/2021 1:44:35 AMthe impression that prototype integration facilities can be used for prototype-only work Integration Lab, for example, or other facilities where engineering development occurred Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
Are Architect-Engineering services subject to DFARS 204.17036248753/30/2023 11:38:56 AMDAU Services Acq Mall, A-E is explicitly mentioned in the Facilities Related Services wing 3. Finally, A-E is considered a Facility Related Service, which again is not one of the Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse
FE regletory requirements2208072/27/2021 1:43:39 AMare US Army Corps of Engineers, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, or Air Force Civil Engineer Published Questions/AllItems.aspxFalse

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