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    I want to know exactly what the FAR says is acceptable for changing a pay office in a contract and how it should be written?


    FAR Part 43 governs contract modifications and specifically identifies changing the paying office as an example of an administrative change.  (FAR 43.101)  It further requires that the Standard Form 30 (SF 30), Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract, shall be used for administrative changes such as changes in the paying office.  (FAR 43.301(a)(1)(iv) In addition, the Optional Form 336 (OF 336), Continuation Sheet, or a blank sheet of paper, may be used as a continuation sheet for a contract modification.  (FAR 43.301(b)) 

    Beyond this, the FAR does not provide specific guidance as to a required format or acceptable language for such a modification.  Also, there is no relevant guidance in the DFARS, the DFARS PGI, DPAP policy vault, nor DFAS regulations, and there is no DoD-wide model template.  Modification format and language may be determined by the Contracting Officer in accordance with agency procedures.

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