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    Does a Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data require a Contractors Seal?


    Based upon a review of the following, there is no requirement for the contractor to include a contractor's seal on the Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data.  Per the following references, what is required is the signature of an authorized representative of the contractor.  Reference #3 states, in paragraph I(A)(11), the "contractor signature" must include the "name, title, and signature of authorized representative."  The seal is not required; rather, the PCO must verify the contractor representative who signs the certificate is authorized by the contractor to certify that all the elements in the certified cost and pricing data, as stated in FAR 15.408 Table 15-2,  are accurate, current, and complete as of the date stated in the certificate.
    1.  FAR 15.406-2, DFARS 215.406, as well as:
    2.  FAR 15.403-5  Instructions for Submission of Certified Cost or Pricing Data and Data Other Than Certified Cost or Pricing Data;
    3.  FAR 52.215-20, which is the Section K clause in the Contractor's Certficiations and Representations when responding to a solicitation.
    4.  FAR 15.408 Table 15-2 -- Instructions for Submitting Cost/Price Proposals When Certified Cost or Pricing Data Are Required

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