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    Questions: Is there a newer chart that's not a draft? If not, is there a more defined, authoritative process chart for BCL? Thank you


    The chart was posted to the Acquisition Community Connection COP by a contributor

    .  The chart does not appear to have been recently updated.


    Attached is the latest DTM regarding Acquisition Policy for Defense Business

    Systems dated 23 Jun 11 and incorporating changes from 9 Dec 2011. Per page 9 of the item at, "The activities performed and documentation required in the BCD Phase shall be used in lieu of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS)."   JROC is only peripherally involved as identified on page 10 (4.a.2.d).


    The Business Case Development (BCD) Phase (Pg. 9) would be the equivalent of the JCIDS process and begins with the identification of a business need (i.e., Capability Gap). The business need can be identified by anyone throughout the DoD enterprise, including the Combatant Commanders (i.e., in their Integrated Priority Lists) and capability area managers.  Once a business need is identified, a Problem Statement is developed reviewed/approved by the Investment Review Board (IRB) Chair.  The BCD Phase ends when the responsible IRB Chair approves the Problem Statement and the approved AoA Study Guidance and AoA Study Plan is submitted to the responsible IRB Chair.

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