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    Question #1: Do we have to send an unsuccessful offeror's letter to the two unacceptable offerors, expressing they have been eliminated from the competitive range before we enter into disussions? Question #2: Does opening discussions with the apparent low make it necessary to open discussions with all other "acceptable" offerors? If so, should the basis of opening discussions be relatively the same? Additionally, do we have to consider the "unacceptable" offeror if there is a request for price proposal revision?


    1. Yes, as the notification requirements of FAR 15.503(a) also apply to LPTA evaluations.
    2. The problem with opening discussions in the sense of FAR 15.306(d) is that there is no way to have meaningful discussions with any offeror other than the one suspected of having unbalanced pricing. In other words, the other offerors will not be able to make their already technically acceptable proposals "more" technically acceptable, as the LPTA process does not recognize degrees of acceptability. It would make more sense in your situation to hold communications (per FAR 15.306(b)) with the offeror suspected of unbalanced pricing to determine if they should be included in the competitive range to begin with.

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