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    FAR Clause 52.237-1 Site Visit will be included in the RFQ. Can this be a mandatory site visit? Can I include a statement that states A mandatory site visit is required. Only offerors who attended the site visit will be accepted. OR is this limitation competition.


    Notwithstanding the qualifications requirements at FAR Subpart 9.2, federal law and acquisition policy require, with certain limited exceptions, that contracting officers shall promote and provide for full and open competition in soliciting offers and awarding Government contracts (see FAR Part 6).

    Site visits may not be made mandatory, nor a condition of quoting, as this could have the effect of limiting competition.  You will note that the language of FAR clause 52.237-1 informs offerors and quoters they are “urged and expected” to inspect the site, but this is not made mandatory.

    Additionally, a locally authored Section H clause requiring site visit attendance arguably would also limit competition and run contrary to FAR Part 6.

    If the requirement is of an unusual or complex nature, you might consider addressing this concern in the evaluation criteria.

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