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    What exactly is a BAA and what are its purposes, strengths, and limitations? Can a DOD agency go from BAA directly to Procurement Contract without and Request for Proposal in the middle?


    Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs) were created by the Competition and Contracting Act of 1984 and are generally used by government agencies to solicit research proposals. The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) 35.016 states that "BAA's may be used by agencies to fulfill their requirements for scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge or understanding rather than focusing on a specific system or hardware solution." BAA's describing agencies basic or applied research interests must be publicized in the government wide point of entry (GPE) and the proposals received are evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria specified in the announcement.

    I am not familiar with your specific requirement but IT services are usually not basic or applied research.

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