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    Do the requirements and guidance laid out in DTM 10-015 apply to MAIS ACAT I programs or is it specifically addressing Major Weapons syystems?


    The following response was extracted from the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with regard to DTM 10-015 implementation guidance via Defense Acquisition University's Acquisition Community Connection

    1.  Question: Does this DTM apply to Major Automated Information System (MAIS) programs?

    Answer: No. MAIS programs are not specifically mentioned in this DTM. However, according to a separate USD AT&L policy memo “Government Performance of Critical Acquisition Functions” (dated August 25, 2010 and available at, “the Department is to ensure selected positions assigned to Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS) programs are performed by a properly qualified member of the Armed Forces or full-time employee of the Department of Defense by October 16, 2011. The Department's implementation strategy includes establishment of Key Leadership Positions (KLPs) that have a significant level of responsibility and authority and are key to the success of a program or effort. The Military Departments and Defense Agencies may designate any position which meets the criteria. However, the following have been identified as mandatory KLPs because they are identified in reference Section 820, P.L. 109-364 or have significant levels of responsibility and authority and are essential for the success of a program…(including the) Program Lead Logistician (Product Support Manager).”

    The  document at contains the complete list of FAQ's regarding DTM-10-015.

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