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    Where if anywhere in the FAR (regs) does it say the Goverhment can an agreement and/or contract from Dollars to Euros mid performance?


    I know of no place in the FAR that says you can switch from dollars to euros during contract performance, but contracting officers are not limited to doing only what is specifically mentioned in the FAR; they just can't do what's specifically prohibited in the FAR (an important distinction).

    If the BPA was pre-priced, and the value of the euro relative to the dollar is now higher than at the time of price agreement, the contracting officer should ask for consideration from the vendor in exchange for the higher cost to the Government when paying in euros. Alternatively, the pricing should be negotiated downward to reflect the currency conversion.

    Also, check with the cognizant Finance Office, as mid-contract conversions can create rounding problems in accounting systems.

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