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    Could you please lead me to where I can find information on commercial vs. non commercial services? Specifically I'd like to learn about CO responsibilities and GAO challenges to the COs determination of a commercial purchase requirement.


    FAR Part 2 provides the definition of a “commercial item” for purposes of government acquisition.  As defined in the FAR, the term “commercial item” includes services.  For example, “commercial item” means ...
    (6) Services of a type offered and sold competitively in substantial quantities in the commercial marketplace based on established catalog or market prices for specific tasks performed or specific outcomes to be achieved and under standard commercial terms and conditions.
    Unless specifically excluded, references to “commercial items” in the context of government contracts should be understood to include relevant services (identified in the definition of “commercial item” in
    FAR Part 2), not items only.
    Therefore, the broader term “commercial item” includes commercial services, and generally the same rules apply.


    For additional information, please search DAU’s Ask-A-Professor site at using the search term “commercial services.”

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