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    Is it possible to obtain ARM accounts using a User ID and Password only? Our office is attempting to migrate to Active Risk Manager (ARM). We have been practicing joint risk management between the Government and our Prime Contractor using our current tool. I understand that there is a desire for all ARM account holders to have a CAC card. However, many of our contractor counterparts do not have CACs, and it will be difficult to obtain CACs for them all.


    Check with the Active Risk Manager Help Desk at However, I think you'll find out that contractor personnel will require a CAC card. Active Risk Manager provides government and contractor personnel with access to sensitive procurement information, some of it related to weapon systems. It's important to maintain a high degree of access control under these circumstances, so I doubt that username and password capability would be an option. Yes, it will be challenging form some contractors to obtain CACs for their personnel in a timely manner, but it's also challenging for them to obtain security clearances to work on certain Government contracts. That's the security environment we must work in.

    For more information, see DAU's Community of Practice site on Active Risk Manager at--

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