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    What is the Program Office/Contracting Officer responsible to provide to contractors not selected in a solicitation? Is there any recourse to getting a more detailed debriefing?


    FAR 15.506 requires the contracting officer to debrief any unsuccessful offerors that make the request within three days after notification of not receiving the award. The contracting officer is not required to (but may) debrief any offeror that does not submit the request within three days. The debriefing can be done in person, by letter, e-mail, or over the telephone (documented, of course). The debriefing should be "meaningful." If the contracting officer does not provide a meaningful debriefing, the unsuccessful offeror could conceivably file a protest of the award. It definitely behooves the contracting officer to perform the debriefings as required by the FAR. The debriefings should not be provided by the Program Office.

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