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    I work at a DoD agency. Based onthe above, an Economy Act D&F, signed by an SES or flag or general officer, is required when we send funds to the Dept of Enery to acquire goods and serivces for us. From time to time we send funds to another DoD agency for that agency to acquire goods and/or services for us. Is it necessary to prepare and have signed an Economy Act determination and finding required by FAR 17.502 when sending funds to another DoD agency. Yes or No. If yes, state why. If no, explain why. Who is responsible for preparing Economy Act D&Fs? The contracting office, or the requirement generator?


    You are correct in citing the DoD Financial Management Regulation, Vol 11A, Chapter 3 (Mar 2012).  This regulation is the prescribing directive for all DoD Economy Act transactions.  The DoD FMR states:


    "Intra-agency Support. DoD activities shall render requested support to other DoD activities when the head of the requesting activity determines that it would be in the best interest of the U.S. Government, and the head of the servicing activity determines that capabilities exist to render the support without jeopardizing assigned missions. These determinations are accomplished by signing a Support Agreement (blocks 8 and 9 on DD Form 1144, “Support Agreement”). No further written determinations generally are required for agreements between DoD activities."

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