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    Is Type C (and/or Types A and B) further defined anywhere? And more specifically - would a contract to provide Information Assurance services and/or support be considered as something that contains Type C work/requirements given DoD 8570s and ( professional certification requirements for Information Assurance personnel? I ask because during a COR training secession this subject was raised, and there were varying interpretations of the applicability of Type C, for example: Type C unique requirements as something that requires a professional license versus a professional certification.


    The the newly published DOD COR HDBK dated 22 Mar 2012 provides a little more clarity than the Memorandum you referenced.  You can find a copy of the DoD COR HDBK at the following two links:
    It isn’t always necessary to have a COR with the same expertise as what we’re having the contractor perform.  What you need to consider is whether or not your COR requires professional I/A certification and to do that, the question the contracting officer and customer should answer try to answer together is “Will the COR require the certification to evaluate contract deliverables or contractor performance?”  “Is that specialized knowledge needed of the COR, or will the COR have reach back to that kind of specialized knowledge?”
    If the COR is solely responsible to determine inspection and acceptance and that inspection and acceptance requires the specialized knowledge to know if the contractor performed in accordance with contract terms and conditions; then the contracting officer should consider defining the contract as a Type C. 

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