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    Is the transaction between the ATHP and the FSC Class V section considered a shipment or issue? If it is an issue, does the ammunition go onto the maneuver battalion's property book? Or the FSC's, then lateral transferred to the maneuver companies? If it is a shipment, what documents are used to account for the ammunition leaving the ATHP? What documetns account for the ammunition being added to a unit's property book?


    The transaction between the ATHP and the unit is definitely an issue, and if it is a combat load issue, it would be placed on the requesting units property book. (This can be determined by looking at the
    UIC on the DA 581 that was sent to the ATHP for issue.) The personnel within the Forward Support Companies obviously were listed on the units DA 1687 to sign for the ammunition from the ATHP, or the unit representative was present at the ATHP when it was issued. Once the ammunition was issued, the
    unit should provide a copy of the DA 581 to the property book personnel so the ammunition can be posted to the property book. If the unit had utilized PBUSE to initiate the DA 581 ammunition request, this transaction would have been reported through PBUSE. (It the ammunition was issued for training,
    then it would not be placed on the property book)

    This would not be a shipment transaction, so we do not need to address the type of forms being utilized.

    Additional guidance can be obtained in FM 4-90 (Paragraphs 2-10, 2-61 and 2-81) The FM does not specifically address the question, however, it does provide guidance.

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