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    There are three parts to my question. First scenario: If I have a contract that is for environmental services only, would there be a requirement for us to do Contractor Manpower Reporting when funded by Army funds? Second scenario: However, if it is a construction project which includes Environmental work using Army Funds, I would not be conducting Contractor Manpwer Reporting. Is this the correct assumption? Third scenario: if it is a contract for Quality Assurance Personnel on a project for Humanitarian work overseas using Army Funds would we be conducting Contractor Manpower Reporting?


    This is an Army unique requirement, so if you are Air Force, Marine Corp, DoD or Navy this is not applicable.
    The Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (CMRA) is designed to collect information on funding source, contracting vehicle, organization supported, mission and function performed, and labor hours and costs for contracted efforts providing services to the Department of the Army from contractors and Army activities requiring contracted services from supporting contracting offices. The data reported utilizes an application called CMRA to capture the required information. Contractor Manpower Reporting enables the Army to:
    1. fully understand the composition of the Army workforce (military, civilian, contractor), and allows for more informed decisions on workforce staffing and funding decisions;
    2. provide better oversight of the total Army workforce to avoid duplication of effort or shifting of in-house reductions to contract; and
    3. better account for and explain the total workforce.   
    If you are with the US Army they have a website ( and an email address to answer questions like those posed above (you can find it at the website).

    We have been in contact with the personnel “behind” the website and they have requested that the questions not be answered here.  So please contact them directly via the email address referenced earlier, however I’d suggest looking over the links to FAQ’s and downloading the User Guides available from them before emailing.  This is so you can ask more specific questions, you may even be able to make your own determination from these sources.

    The folks behind the site are there to support the US Army with these requirements for reporting, and provide guidance on the correct contract language (clauses) to implement CMRA, and provide answers on when to include the clause, so please utilize them for answers to CMRA issues.


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