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    What does the word "type" in paragraph (f)(1)(ii) refer to. Thank you.


    Well, it is a little bit of both.

    Yes, the CLASS or Classification of the Government property comes into play, as there are a variety of methodologies that may be used for different types of property – material may be identified differently (Labeling the box, bag or bin) versus general purpose equipment where a label or plate may be applied.

    By the same token the composition of the item MAY also affect the application of some form of identification. Yes, I agree with you that "…you wouldn't etch or stamp into glass." That might cause some breakage.

    But, the FAR GP Clause, 52.245-1, does not require that as part of the IDENTIFICATION LABEL or TAG a statement as to the material composition of the item. That information MAY be contained elsewhere and used for other purposes.

    The Government is concerned that the contractor have a PROCESS with an OUTCOME that deals with the APPROPRIATE IDENTIFICATION of the GP – appropriate being interpreted as suitable for the:

            CLASS of GP AND

            Based upon its physical characteristics.

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