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    Does a BPA requirement have to be posted on the GPE, if it's expected to exceed 25K?


    This has been a topic of debate. While a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) is not a contract, it leads to contracts (purchase orders) when calls are placed against the BPA. Neither FAR Part 5 nor FAR Part 13 is very explicit about whether the BPA itself (as opposed to the calls placed against it) is subject to the posting and competition requirements that apply to purchase orders. However, the GAO has asserted that "Agencies are not required to request proposals or to conduct a competition before establishing BPAs. After a BPA is established, however, otherwise applicable competition requirements still apply to all procurements under the BPA." (ref. sixth paragraph under the "Analysis" section at this site.) So according to the GAO, the answer to your question appears to be "No." However, any calls above $25,000 would have to follow the posting requirements at FAR 5.201. Of course you are free to post the BPA requirement on the Government Point of Entry; many contracting officers do.

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