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    How often should you take the DAU CLC 011 Contracting for the Rest of Us course? What are the requirements?


    Excellent question, thank you. Contracting for the Rest of Us is an excellent course that introduces non program management and contracting personnel to the basics of Government contracting.  But actually, some of our contracting & program management folks find the course informative and enlightening as well.

    But to answer your question:
    There are no firm requirements for CORs to take CLC 011.  However, it is highly encouraged.  Likewise there is no requirement for anyone to take CLC 011 more than once.

    We do suggest that organizations strongly consider making CLC 011 a training requirement for first time CORs and take this course prior to taking the COR training (i.e. CLC 106 or CLC/COR 222 and 206-if deploying). Taking it before the COR training helps put the COR course material into more context and thus improves understanding and retention of the knowledge.  I would also suggest that a COR take CLC 011 again after 2 to 3 years experience of being a COR. You would be surprised at how much more a student in this situation would get from the training.  In this instance we suggest it be one of the courses a COR uses to help achieve their 3 year refresher training requirements.  Note: the DoD standard for refresher training depends on the contract type (A, B, or C) but specifies a three (3) year time frame.  Please recognize that some of the Agendies and Organizations have more stringent refresher training requirements such as 2 years.

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