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    Can the OMS/MP be updated and revised separately from the ORD? and if so, who would be the final approving authority for an updated OMS/MP?


    This is a complicated question…

    The Operational Mode Summary/Mission Profile (OMS/MP) is/WAS (used to be) a mandatory appendix to all Operational Requirements Documents (ORDs).  The OMS/MP are related to and support the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for the system being acquired.  As such, the using command/requiring office would have responsibility for updating (if required) these documents. 

    However, the ORD concept is outdated (as you might be aware), and we now use the Initial Capability Document (ICD), Capability Development Document (CDD) or Capability Production Document (CPD); depending on which phase in the Acquisition Lifecycle the program is in.  The entire requirements process is governed by the requirements community/communities depending on whether the system is -- Joint or Service-unique.  That being said, if the program is still being fielded under the ORD concept, then those programs are "grandfathered" from having to develop NEW documents under the JCIDS (CDD/CPD) process... so their documents and the supporting appendices would still be valid.  It's unclear what guidance would govern those older documents, but it seems logical that the requirement "owners" would be the approving office for any updates.

    I searched thru these documents and could find no reference to the OMS/MP.  It’s likely the terminology has changed; however, the best place to start would be to know if your system is a joint system or service-specific system.  It would be illogical to update a grandfathered OMS/MP document without also updating the ORD -- at least to the point of stating that changes to the OMS/MP have not impacted the ORD.  The approving authority on this should, however, be the Service requiring command, or the Joint Staff.
    I’ve included the documents I’ve sited above at
    Current guidance on the requirements process can be found in the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) manual, as well as the parent instructional document CJCSI 3170.01H (10 Jan 2012) .  See references l through r of the CJCSI for Service capability requirement validation processes.

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