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    What action or exit criteria are required to designate a program a Services Category? How is a Services Category program different from an ACAT program? What guidance is available for Services Category programs?


    The regulatory policy applicable to acquisitions of services in the Department of Defense (DoD) is contained in DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 9 ( and the “Acquisition of Services Policy” memorandum issued by USD (AT&L) on Oct 2, 2006, Attachment 1 (  We recommend that you review these policies in conjunction with AFI 63-101, Acquisition and Sustainment Life Cycle Management, Change 2, 16 June 2010 to help clarify services designation and requirements for your organization.

    Additionally, you are encouraged to visit the Better Buying Power (BBP) (Public Site) at  As one of five major thrust areas in Dr. Carter’s BBP Initiative, there is additional guidance and information on the acquisition of services in the DoD available under area 4.3 “Improve Tradecraft in Acquisition of Services” at

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