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    I propose having two evaluation elements on a solicitation, price and delivery date. No delivery dates are put into the solicitation. Our buys are strictly FFP, hardware spares and most are for replenishment so for other than an Urgent buy there is wiggle room with delivery schedules. This would help to stop contractors from bidding on contracts that they know they can't meet the delivery schedule. Our stated delivery dates are historical averages and therefore they are arbitrary. Our requirements people, other than for Urgent buys, do NOT provide a needed by delivery schedule. This is a contracting decision. My question is, is it true that opening up the evaluation to more than one element then makes the buy a Source Selection type of buy with the formality of all that entails? I don't see how having two biddable elements would force a buy into being under the rules of a Source Selection. Couldn't this simply be a Best Value type of evaluation criteria?


    Adding a second evaluation factor— proposed delivery date— would move the procurement from the lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) method to the trade-off method. Note that per FAR 15.101 both are considered "best value" methods. The difference is that you would evaluate two factors instead of just price. The only time a procurement would change to a "source selection type of buy" (in the way I think you mean) is if the acquisition exceeds $100 million or if your agency has established a lower dollar threshold. Those situations would require the use of "formal" source selection procedures, i.e., a source selection evaluation team is established and the contracting officer is not the final source selection authority.

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