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    What DCAA reports and support to the DACO are releasable by the DCMA DACO to the contractor?


    Not knowing all of the specifics of your particular case it is hard to pinpoint why exactly DCAA has restricted the release of information of this report. DCAA does retain the right to restrict the release of their reports to contractors for a variety of reasons to protect the government’s interest. Without listing them all here, I will direct you to read the DCAA Contract Audit Manual: specifically Chapter 10 Paragraph 206 ( which provides comprehensive detail of the release of reports to contractors.
    Finally, I would advise you talk to the auditor to see if there is releasable data, or what data in their report has led them to restrict the release to the contractor, as they are in the best position to explain their restriction and the potential harm the release of that data will be to the government.

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