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    Is Department of State course PA 296 or PA178 equivalent to CLC 222 or COR 222 or is there a DoS equivalent to these courses?


    The short answer is “no”.  PA 296 or PA178 are not equivalent to COR/CLC 222.  For all we know it may even be a better course.
    However, that may not be the appropriate question to ask in this situation.  If the Department of State personnel CORs have a FAC-COR Certification in accordance with the FAI FAC-COR program, DoD may recognize that certification in certain instances.  Therefore the requirement to take CLC 222 or 106 may not be necessary.
    I have included the 11 Jul 2011 Memorandum, titled Contracting Officer’s Representative Designation – Iraq, signed by the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy at  The memorandum outlines those instances when the Contracting Officer may accept the FAC-COR certification in lieu of DoD COR Training requirements.  But pleased be advised, these are minimum training requirements and the COR may need additional training such as CLC 206, WAWF, etc.

    Information about the FAC-COR certification requirements can be found at the following link:

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