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    What if there are deficiencies with the EDM's? I can think of two ways to address the deficiencies. 1) Finish testing and at Milestone "C" put a plan in plan to fix the deficiencies prior to LRIP start. Or 2) Stop testing, redesign and produce another batch of EDMs with the fixes, so testing continues to Milestone "C'.


    There will almost always be some deficiencies associated with EDMs - highly complex systems with hundreds of specification requirements to meet.  Another option sometimes used is to waive certain spec requirements but usually this involves some contractual consideration since we did not get what was promised.  Sometimes EMD deficiencies are corrected post MSC and demonstrated in IOT&E prior to FRP.   

    The DAG also includes the following guidance: Analyze Deficiencies to Determine Corrective Actions Top of page

    Using the aggregation of all inputs available at this stage of the program (test evaluation results, maintenance reports, exit criteria from Engineering and Manufacturing Development, Capability Production Document, Systems Engineering Plan, Test and Evaluation Master Plan, and Life-cycle Sustainment Plan), known deficiencies are analyzed. A solution is proposed through the employment of systems engineering processes including ESOH risk analysis. A plan to build, modify, verify, test and evaluate the proposed solution is formulated and approved. Modify Configuration (Hardware, Software, and Specifications) to Correct Deficiencies Top of page

    The proposed solution to the deficiency is translated to the appropriate hardware/software or specification changes. Modifications are created, incorporated, and verified in accordance with the approved plan. This product change may include retrofit, because the production process has begun. The impact on system cost, schedules, and performance should also be considered when addressing production incorporation. Verify and Validate Production Configuration Top of page

    The proposed solution to the system deficiency should be verified and validated before incorporation into the production configuration. Depending on the nature of the change, this process may require analysis, laboratory, or full operational system test and evaluation. Any approved changes should be incorporated into the product baseline as an updated configuration.

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