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    Is there an industry standard for number of contract/ procurment actions or dollar amount that support one FTE (1102) position? Or some Methodology to conduct a workforce analysis for a procrement office?


    Each agency provides their own direction for assignment of procurement actions and it varies by agency.  The Library of Congress, Office of the Inspector General, Office of Contracts and Grants Management performed a Comparative Analysis and provided a report of the Contracts Office’s Workload and Staffing Levels Special Project Report No. 2011‐SP‐105 in January 2012.  Some agencies have an equation that defines the number of positions based upon type and dollar amount of contract actions.  Many other agencies define the number of contracting personnel through a cost to spend ratio (cost of contract staff divided by the dollar amount of contracts awarded during a year). You could then take the cost to spend ratio and multiply it by the estimated value of the contracts to be awarded and divide that number by some average salary amount to get to number of FTS's.  Some agencies charge fee for service which becomes a percentage of the cost of the contract.

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