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    I would like to seek your input regarding the subject DFAR. If possible, please let me know your thought. Thanks for your time in this matter. Your quick resposne is greatly appreciated.


    DARS 52.204-9001 is not a DFARS clause.  Nor is it a FAR clause.  It is a DISA acquisition regulation and it states:  52.204-9001 Contract/Order Closeout—Fixed-Price, Time-and-Materials, or Labor-Hours (Jan 2007)

    Timely contract closeout is a priority under this contract/order. The Contractor shall submit a final invoice within ninety (90) calendar days after the expiration of this contract/order, unless the Contractor requests and is granted an extension by the Contracting Officer, in writing. In addition, and concurrent with the submission of the final invoice, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer of the amount of excess funds that can be deobligated from this contract/order so the closeout process can begin as soon as possible upon expiration of this contract/order. A bilateral contract/order closeout modification will be forwarded to the Contractor by the Contracting Officer and must be signed by the Contractor and returned to the Contracting Officer within thirty (30) calendar days of issuance of the modification. A Contractor’s failure to respond and/or sign the bilateral closeout modification within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt will constitute approval of the terms of the modification and the modification will subsequently be processed unilaterally by the Contracting Officer to deobligate excess funds and close this contract/order. If this contract/order contains option periods, the Contractor is required to submit an invoice within ninety (90) calendar days after expiration of the base period of performance and the expiration of each exercised option period of performance to allow for deobligation of excess funds that were obligated in those respective periods of performance. (End of clause)

    If you are saying that the this mod was issued and closed the contract, then yes, it is closed.  The file should also have all of the required documentation stating that the contract was closed in accordance with FAR and DFARS.

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