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    What evaluation documents are required at different threshold levels to document the review?


    In accordance with FAR 36.103(a), sealed bidding procedures are required if the conditions at FAR 6.401(a) apply.

    If the contracting officer elects to utilize the LPTA source selection process identified at FAR 15.101-2, tradeoffs are not permitted.  Proposals are evaluated for acceptability but not ranked using the non-cost/price factors.

    The DoD Source Selection Procedures document, including Appendix A, is applicable to LPTA acquisitions.  Section 3.6., Documentation of Final Evaluation Results provides, in part:

    3.6.1.  The SSEB shall prepare documentation of the evaluation results.  The format should be in a written narrative report, although in rare instances, a decision briefing may be acceptable, depending on the complexity of the acquisition.  The report shall be in sufficient detail to serve as a clear and concise record of the source selection decision and shall be included in the contract file...”

    See DFARS 215.300 or for the DoD Source Selection Procedures document.
    Additional agency-specific guidance may be applicable. 

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