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    Where can I find examples of DoDAF 2.0 viewpoints?


    The following OSD URL provides in-depth explanation of the DODAF V2.02 viewpoints:

    If you go to the "DODAF home" page and then click on the "DODAF Journal"

    You get to this URL:

    Then, scroll to the bottom and review the section called: "DoDAF V2.0 Exemplars"

    There is a step-by-step example of how to analyze and create all of the different views that pertain to the US Coast Guard Search and Rescue program. Within this process they find the need for a DIV-2 viewpoint (Logical Data Model viewpoint); this used to be the OV-7 in DODAF 1.5. By walking through the analysis and resulting artifacts, you get a good understanding of how to use DODAF artifacts to help manage your program.

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