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    What, if any, are the extra duties, or legal ramifications of a COR, when on an existing contract the KO is transferred without a replacement KO assigned to the contract?


    I get this question often, mostly in the classroom.
    There is no overarching DoD policy or guidance requirement to modify a contract when a different (warranted) contracting officer is assigned to the contract (or Task/Delivery Order.  This of course is different from when the COR on a contract changes.  COR changes must be documented.
    There are NO extra duties or legal ramifications to the COR when a contracting officer changes.  The COR is still authorized to perform the duties (and ONLY those duties) delegated to them in their Letter of Designation.
    We recommend you contact your Contracting Activity and ask “Who is the Contracting Officer I should communicate with when and if I have the need for guidance, or need to inform a contracting officer of a contractor performance situation I need to elevate?”  It is most probable they will provide you a POC to work with until they find and assign a suitable replacement.

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