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    In the Foreign Military Sale arena what exactly does this authorize? What is accommodation procurement? Does this allow FMS cases to procure housing or furnish living spaces for a foreign government?


    This question concerns a title 10 issue pertaining to DoD.  Authority for FMS is under title 22, Arms Export Control Act.  As such, just because the issue involves a foreign government does not make it an FMS issue.  DISAM cannot advise on 10 USC, Ch 22, Sub Ch 443.

    However, in regard to FMS, the Security Assistance Management Manual is the governing policy ( ).  The SAMM C4.5.1 ( ) Section Administrative Expenses for Foreign Government Representatives states: The USG does not serve as the disbursing agent for funds received under LOAs unless those funds are required for defense articles and services provided by DoD, another federal agency, or through a DoD procurement contract. LOAs must not include transportation, lodging, per diem, or other administrative expenses of foreign Government representatives even though such expenses may relate to the procured materiel and/or services. In exceptional situations, DSCA may specifically authorize an LOA to include the payment of travel and living allowances (TLA) for international students. See Chapter 10 regarding TLA. Foreign purchasers may not use LOAs to lease commercial or General Services Administration (GSA) vehicles. Foreign purchasers are responsible for making and paying for these arrangements outside the FMS process.

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