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    What is the proper method to be used for an FMS case to establish a BPA when the annual bill is exceeding the $2,500 annual threshold? For instance, what type of funding document shall be initiated? How does one obtain the correct contract number to cite on the funding document? Who maintains the contract (who is the contracting officer)? How does one ensure the expenditures will be billed to the BPA contract line? And finally, does the GPC card pay for all expenditures up until the $2,500 threshold is met, or do all expenditures get billed ot the contract in which the BPA is located?


    I could not find any requirement (or any paragraph 2.4.14) in AFI 64-117 that requires cell phones be paid for with the Government Purchase Card must establish a blanket purchase agreement if the annual bill exceeds $2,500. AFI 64-117, paragraph states that the applicable threshold is $25,000 on an individual call basis for cell phone service under an established Air Force BPA. The GPC card can be used to pay for individual cell phone service if the cumulative annual bill for that individual does not exceed $2,500 per year. If an individual's annual bill exceeds $2,500, then AFI 64-117 does not authorize use of the GPC for payment. In those cases, use of the Air Force Information Technology Commodity Council would be appropriate. Please refer to FAR 13.303 for specifics on how BPAs work.

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