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    During the initial discussions regarding the component's sustainment transfer it was determined that an MOU would be developed between all parties. Some tasks are already being performed by the sustainment organization, and some are still being performed by the avionics SPO. The primary disagreement regards when the sustainment organization should accept full responsibility of the item, and if that should occur before or after a DMAWG is performed?


    In general terms, the DoDI 5000.02 does not specifically state the exact moment when sustainment starts other than it starting in the Operations and Support Phase.  For any given program, the exact moment sustainment starts should be defined in the Life-Cycle sustainment Plan (LCSP). 

    For your situation, if a time line is not spelled out in the LCSP, the transfer of sustainment should probably only occur if any required funding is properly allocated to the receiving organization.  Once that is done, it's up to the parties involved to come to a consensus as to the exact timing. 

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