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    Will we need an Acquisition Strategy for this MAC? If so, who would be the decision authority (would it be USD(AT&L) who is the decision authority for ACAT 1D programs?


    The need for acquisition planning is prescribed under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 7, Acquisition Planning.  This part of the FAR requires that acquisition planning be performed for all acquisitions and that certain acquisitions must have a written acquisition plan that covers specific subjects or contents.  The approval levels for acquisition plans vary by the dollar value and item being acquired.  In addition, the agencies (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.) may supplement these FAR requirements and often do so.  You did not indicate the exact products covered by the multiple-award contract (MAC) or the dollar value of the acquisition; however, you did indicate that the acquisition for these products would be in support of an ACAT 1D program.  One such supplement would appear to be directed toward your specific question and agency.  Namely the Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement (NMCARS) at paragraph 5207.103 (excerpt is shown below (underlining and bolding added for emphasis)):
    “5207.103 (DFARS 207.103) Agency-head responsibilities
    …(h) DASN(AP) is the approval authority for acquisition plans (APs) that include individual contract actions with an estimated value of $100,000,000 or more (including options), except if the contract action is included in a current acquisition strategy for an ACAT program for which ASN(RD&A) or USD(AT&L) is the milestone decision authority.  Submit APs to DASN(AP) for review and approval via electronic mail address RDAJ&  HCAs are responsible for prescribing procedures for the review and approval of APs, including revisions to those plans, for contracts valued less than $100,000,000 (including options).  Cognizant PEOs, DRPMs or HCAs, and their designees are authorized to approve these APs. All APs should be signed by the approving official, the program manager, the CCO, and the contracting officer.”

    Therefore, given the information provided in your background, my answer to your question would be that you should include the MAC in your acquisition strategy for approval by the USD(AT&L) for your one large ACAT 1D program.

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