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    Is there a DID which will have a contractor develop a system integration plan and associateed facility requirement, processes, and timeline?


    The System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) DI-MGMT-81024 should address your needs.  It describes the contractor's system engineering process "as proposed" to be applied to the definition of system design and test requirements during the contractural effort. It includes the system engineering required to define system performance parameters, preferred system performance parameters, and preferred system configuration to satisfy the contractural requirements; the planning and controls of the technical program tasks; and management of a totally integrated effort of design engineering, test engineering, logistics engineering and production engineering (i.e. facility requirements) to meet cost, technical performance, and schedule objectives (i.e. key processes and timelines). The SEMP is also used to understand and evaluate the contractor's engineering work efforts as part of the contract monitoring process.

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