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    Can you utilize the GPC to pay for Tolls


    Since we do not have all of the facts pertaining to your requirement, solicitation/contract or contractor(s), the following answer is based solely on the background and question provided.  As we do not have access to the contract folder or particulars that apply to this situation, we highly recommend you consult the Contracting Officer and possibly the Legal Office.
    The question is unclear in its syntax.  I am not aware of the meaning of "MI bn".  Regardless, the use of the GCPC regarding authorized purchases is determined by the cardholder's command.  I suggest that you  contact the issuing command for a list of the authorized purchases within the scope of their program.  It is unclear what the specifics are as they relate to the purchase you cited.  If, however, your purchase of tolls is related to government travel, it would seem more appropriate to use your government travel card (or cash) and file charges as a reimbursement on your travel voucher.

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