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    Initial comments from ASAALT is that the AAE may not accept the DRD as a document that will get this program through a MS C decision. Question is can a DRD be sufficient requirements document for a MS C decison and are there any past programs that have used a DRD in lieu of a CPD?


    Per DoD 5000.02, there is a regulatory requirement to have an approved Capability Production Document (CPD) for entry into Milestone C.  The CPD reflects the operational requirements, informed by EMD results, and details the performance expected of the production system.  Consistent with statutory requirements and DoD 5000.01 authorizes Milestone Decision Authorities (MDAs) to tailor regulatory information requirements and acquisition process procedures to achieve cost, schedule, and performance goals. 

    I recommend PEO STRI consult with the OASA(ALT) to evaluate your program-specific requirements documentation for sufficiency.  DAU does not have any record of a program of record substituting a Directed Requirements Document (DRD) for the approved CPD at Milestone C. 

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