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    Is there a requirement to have 15 different PR's (one for each item) or can I proceed to procure the items as a lot? I have been told at other commands I have worked that a PR is required for each item. I have done some research but I just cannot seem to find anything definitive. Thank you for your assistance.


    You should not procure the items as a lot. DFARS 204.7103-1(a)(2) requires that contract line items be "separately identifiable," which generally precludes grouping different types of items as one "lot." In order for a line item to be formed properly, the magnitude of the performance or delivery expressed in the contract must primarily be divisible by the "quantity" of each line item. If part of one unit can be performed or delivered separately, it should be made into a separate item. "Lot" should not be used when "each" can be used. If the items are not related to a specific outcome, separate requisition documents should be used.

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